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Twice Upon A Time (OUAT rewatch comm)
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Once Upon A Time rewatch community
If you're looking for the rewatch comm of masqthephlsphr and astrogirl2, this is the place.

The rules are simple:

(1) We watch one episode a week of Once Upon a Time, in order of airing.
(2) The episode is opened to new posts and comments on Sundays, 8 pm NA Eastern Standard Time.
(3) Membership is by request only. All members can create new posts about the episode up for discussion that week, or comment on other member's new posts or old posts.
(4) Be polite, be droll, don't be a troll.
(5) The comm will be closed to new posts during the regular season, and reopened for rewatch episodes during hiatuses.
(6) Spoilers through the end of season 2 are permitted on all posts and comments. NO SPOILERS FOR SEASON 3 episodes that have not aired in the US/Canada.